Programmes and Activities

Bible study is part of the school’s time table. On every Tuesday, students and staff break into their bible study groups to have 40 minutes of bible study. Some of the topics discussed include, the fundamentals of Christian doctrine, wealth and wealth creation, the student as God’s transformational spiritual leader, life that is driven with purpose, God, family and work etc. Students are trained to be bible study assistants in leading their bible study groups.

Mission Week

Mission week is a week set aside to help student gain insight and understanding of their call as Christians. During mission week students are encouraged to hold on to faith and to translate the faith they profess into their daily lives so that all can see and glorify God. It is a time of spiritual revival for the entire school.

Prayer Vigils

Once every month, prayer vigils are organized for students. During these meetings we pray and intercede for nations, families and our individual needs. Whatever issues that may arise and poses threat to us as a school is taken to the Lord in prayer. It is also to inculcate in the students the need to pray.


Communion Service

Communion services are held at least once a term for students to partake in the Lord’s Supper.

Carol Service

Our annual Christmas programme is one the exciting programmes in GCIHS. During our carol service, nine lessons are read coupled with special song, instrument or dance ministration by students and staff. Parents are often invited to celebrate with us and also to witness the great talents of their wards.

Induction Service

In the event of the retiring of the principal, an induction service is held to welcome and formally introduce the new principal to all stakeholders of GCIHS as she/he assumes office.

Commendation Service

Commendation service is a special service held for students who are graduating from GCIHS. At this occasion, the graduating class is commended to the grace of God which is able to keep them as the go into the world to face the realities of life. Families and friends are invited to witness this occasion.

Relationship Seminar

On every February 14, GCIHS organizes a relationship seminar for students. Prominent counselors and para- church groups are invited to come and share with us. Issues bothering the minds of the youth are discussed in detail and students are given the opportunity to ask questions. Our relationship seminars have always been fun and very educative since most of the students relationship needs are met in the end. Some of the issues bother on family, boy- girl relationship etc.

Annual Staff Retreat

GCIHS organizes annual retreat for her teaching and non-teaching staff. It is time spent before the Lord in prayer as we reflect on the previous school years experiences whether good or bad to give thanks to God and seek counsel and direction for the years ahead. The retreats are sometimes coupled with professional development to enhance the teachers skills and strategies and adapting to new ways of teaching.

Exam Candidates Retreat

Exam candidates go for retreat every year as part of their preparation for their final exams. Students seek the face of God for His help before, during and after the exams. Motivational speakers with faith are invited to inspire students using the Word of God and their personal experiences prior to their exams. Students have the opportunity to ask questions pertaining to exams and answers from these professionals are provided. Students give testimonies of their experiences in GCIHS and God’s goodness to them.


GCIHS entertainment is a unique one. On every Saturday between 6:30pm -8:40pm, students entertain themselves with educative, fun and relaxing movies. Other activities include talent search, it takes two, nino’s night, etc. We also receive the ministries of great preachers and music ministers like Bishop Eric Kwapong, Min. Nii Okai, Laud Kenya and other para church groups.

Apart from the main activities above, chaplaincy is also responsible for students’ personal quiet time in the dorms, morning devotions, vespers and memory verses for each week.