SHS PAC Campus

  1. It is basically a Christian missionary social transformation venture to help a rural community by assisting young people to grow spiritually, academically and socially. It will be a not for profit school linked to Ghana Christian International School in Sota, Greater Accra which is going to form the nucleus of Ghana Christian Schools System.

  2. Like GCIHS-Sota Campus, Hwiremoase Campus will start as a Senior Secondary School (SHS). The intention is to adopt Hwiremoase JHS and primary and “internationalize” them through better management and supervision and incentive to teachers as a major feeder school.

  3.  It will serve the following communities, all within 5 km radius of the school- Hwiremoase, Asokwa, Adiembra, Dwinase, Brofoyuderu, Attatem, Chireboroso, Burukuwaso and Akwansirem.

  4. The school will start with one stream of 45 learners but eventually we aim at 2 streams of 30 students each or 60 per level or 180 students in total.

  5. The intention is to offer limited but far reaching subjects: English, core math’s, social studies and general science, plus: physics, chemistry, biology, elective maths, French, English literature, history, geography, economics and accountancy.

  6. They will do SSCE (NOV-DEC) so they could also do science without laboratory work. Religious studies, computer science and Hymnology are tonic subjects for all. The whole school will be a “Scripture Union (SU)” group.

  7. It will be a special day school so that there will be no concern about boarding except the provision of lunch which students will pay GHS 2 a day.

  8.  It will also be a special in the sense that learners will come to school at 7:30 and stay till 5pm. They will follow normal school work till 1pm; 1 hour rest followed by 1 hour of games. Then there will be 2 hours of supervised assignments as they are not expected to study much at home.

  9. It is intended for the Campus to benefit in several ways from the existing GCIHS Sota Campus:

    1. Share experiences. They will do SSCE (NOV-DEC) only.

    2. GCIHS senior students could spend holidays with them. Since Hwiremoase Campus will do NOV-DEC their school calendar will be different. Even GCIHS teachers may elect to spend a month there on a missionary trip.

    3. Most importantly cross subsidization could take place. When GCIHS has completed paying its loan on which it spends over $300.000 per annum currently it could easily provide a subsidy of GHS200,000 ($100,000) a year which will be what is needed to pay for teachers or the equivalent of 20 teachers at GH1000 gross a month. That is equivalent to 20 students more which GCIHS could easily add to its numbers and transfer to Hwiremoase Christian Academy.

    4. Of course the students of Hwiremoase Campus will pay fees but with the above about GHS 300 fee per annum would do which would be within the means a peasant farmer and would provide for non-salary operational cost.

    5. Infrastructure is being developed. The first phase in being financed by the Adei family. However, there will be need for additional GHS 800,000 which we are trusting the Lord to provide.

  10. The main impact of Hwiremoase Christian Academy is expected to be that of bringing Christ to the area and produce godly leaders where great need exists.

  11. The Principal will report to the General Manager of GCIHS.

By S &G Adei
29 July 2012