Alumini Section

1. All new students must have their term’s fees paid prior to enrollment.

2. Admission fees shall be paid only once and by new students. These fees are non-refundable.

3. Fees of continuing students are payable each term on or before the first day of the term. At least half of the term’s fees must be paid before a student will be admitted to the dorm and the remainder must be paid within a month of the beginning of the term.

4. Arrears from one term shall not be carried over and into the ensuing term. All fees of the previous term should have been paid before a student is allowed to enter the dorms at the beginning of the new term.

5. Cash payments are not acceptable. Payment should be by Bank Draft or direct payment to the school’s account. The relevant account address can be obtained from the school’s accounts office. Parents should submit a copy of the pay-in slip to the accounts office as evidence that fees has been paid. Until a copy of the pay-in slip has been submitted to the school, the fees shall be considered and treated as unpaid.

6. A term’s written notice (three months) is required prior to the withdrawal of a student. If no such notice is given, a term’s fees must be paid in lieu thereof.

7. External examination fees are determined by Examination Board and are to be paid separately.

8. Parents/Guardians may be required to pay a deposit for medical care.

9. The Board of Governors reserves the right to review the fees during the course of the school year and to increase the amount of fees should an increase be deemed necessary for continued operation of the school.

10. A 10% penalty shall be levied on late payments. Payments made later than one month after the beginning of a term shall be considered late payments. If fees and the penalty have not been paid by the middle of term, the student shall be suspended from the school until such time as full payment of fees and the penalty has been settled.