Greetings from our Founders

Our two daughters, Eunice Adwoa Pomaa and Priscilla Yaa Asantewaa, attended two of the best schools in Ghana namely SOS-Hermann Gmeiner International College (SOS-HGIC) and Ghana International School (GIS). Thanks to the United Nations

Development Programme our employer then, we did not have to pay 85% of the fees the organisation absorbed. As parents we were pleased with the quality of first class education the two schools offered our girls. The icing on the cake was that they came out with the topmost grades and are both highly respected scientists in their respective fields. Yet to Eunice and Priscilla we attribute the genesis of Ghana Christian International High School (GCIHS) Their report to us that they had the best of high school education. However, if they did not know Jesus Christ as Lord before they attended those schools, they would not have heard about the Lord Jesus Christ, salvation and eternal life.

Of course, they did not articulate it that way but it was clear to us that there was the need to prepare great intellectuals and professionals who know Christ and serve God in their generation. It was then that we decided that as the Lord enabled us we would set up a High School of the same academic standards as SOS-HGIC and GIS but Christian which will be equally concerned with intellectual, social (to be leaders) and spiritual growth of learners. That is the motivation for and raison d’etre of Ghana Christian International High School (GCHIS). Our mission and vision are clear, to raise Christ-centred competent, social and ethical leaders for the future generation, “For God, Family and Country.” The Not-For- Profit nature of it was to take out the profit motive from our pursuit. The result is that parents and guardians pay about half the fees for comparative education. Even then margins we generate go directly towards two causes: further improvement of the school and to support the development of satellite campuses in underserved areas and for underprivileged children.

This is the rationale of a campus of the school in Hwiremoase, the home village of Stephen. Being a not-for- profit school and self-financing, our expansion programme has to be at a pace that matches our pocket. That said, our ambition is not dimmed. In the 2016-17 academic year, we have created a Deputy Principal position to give special attention to our A’ Level School- “The College”. Additionally, two Vice Principals in the Senior High School will be responsible for the West Africa Secondary School Certificate as well as the Cambridge International Examinations candidates stream, to give enhanced attention to the three segments of the Senior High School. We are grateful to God that the Junior School we started in 2013 is now a most sought after school and with great pain we have to turn away some lovely students and their parents for lack of space. We can only expand intake when we have the facilities and faculty to maintain our 1:10 teacher ratio. In terms of infrastructural development we hope to complete our on going expansion of classroom and dormitory programme in 2016-17 academic year.

That will pave the way to build facilities to house 50 staff in the vicinity of the school along with a multipurpose facility sufficient enough to accommodate an expanded Senior High School of 600 students (450 CIE/WASSCE candidates and 150 Sixth Form Students in “The College”. These would be completed with a 1,000 capacity chapel and multi-purpose hall which will serve also as major events venue. We have to complete all that with drainage, a new school field, an arboretum, and tarred roads within 5 years! Ambitious, yes but if there is anything worth doing for Christ and children it is worth all the effort and zeal. With God nothing is impossible. May we thank the Trustees, Board of Directors, Management, Faculty and Staff who make our dreams a reality. You are GCIHS. And we love you equally as we love the VVIP (Very, very Important Personalities), the students of “Christian High” as they call themselves.

Stephen and Georgina Adei and family

(Founders of Ghana Christian International High School)